Introduction: Senior Research Associate Elise Korejwa

This is Southcoast native Elise Korejwa, returning from Oregon to join the public policy team at my alma mater. (Some of you may remember me by my maiden name Elise Rapoza.) I officially joined the staff at The Public Policy Center (PPC) on September 1st. I bring with me two master’s degrees from Oregon State University in statistics and public policy, which I will use to expand the research capabilities of the PPC.

My research experiences include program evaluation, economic impact analysis, indicator tracking, and empirical research using qualitative and quantitative methods. The fields in which I have conducted research include regional economic development, environmental sustainability, tax policy, and health care. Most recently, I have conducted an economic and budgetary impact assessment of electric vehicle adoption and a mixed-methods case study of state tax credit auctions. I consider myself to be more a methodologist than a subject-area specialist, and look forward to applying sophisticated research techniques to a broad range of research topics.

Having grown up here, I have a deep love for this region and hope to help this area realize its amazing potential. I can be found at live music shows, art gallery openings, and in our beautiful natural areas.