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2015 APPAM Conference

I just attended the Association for Public Policy and Analysis (APPAM) fall conference in Miami with Mike Goodman and Nick Anguelov. This was my first time attending and presenting at a major research conference. My poster was on the potential effect of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on risk perception. I conducted this work […]

Online Survey Programs

Online survey programs have extended the capabilities of social scientists to conduct research. The Public Policy Center has used several online survey programs in the past and has utilized SoGoSurvey successfully for the past 12 months. The basic functionalities of most online applications are available for free (e.g., SoGoSurvey, SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro), with expanded capabilities available […]

Minimum Wage

I have been writing a paper about the minimum wage for our microeconomics course, and I found the topic quite interesting. Most of the public favors raising the minimum wage (Dube, 2013), which is not surprising given that the real value of the minimum wage has fallen since the 1960s even as worker productivity has […]