From the local headlines

  • Fall River hears needs for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) spending, but anticipates losing $800,000 in funding from HUD
  • Mayor Jon Mitchell gives inaugural address that emphasizes jobs and education; full text can be found here
  • The Herald News pulls out the most “memorable quotes” of incumbent Mayor Will Flanagan’s inaugural address
  • And in Taunton, Lt. Governor Tim Murray makes a guest appearance at the swearing in of Mayor Thomas Hoye, Jr.
  • Recognizing the impact of social and emotional issues on academic performance, Fall River School Committee considers two new programs aimed at promoting positive behavior at the elementary level and supporting teachers with classroom management in the middle schools
  • Arrests made in connection with New Bedford’s fourth homicide of 2011
  • Speaking of reusing old schools (see previous post), Taunton School Committee debates the future of one of its own, with possibilities including administrative offices, classroom space for BCC, or an alternative high school

From the local headlines:

Source: Jack Foley, Herald News (at

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