New Projects

Measuring the Size and Impact of the Massachusetts Maritime Economy
The PPC is leading an in-depth study of the Massachusetts Maritime Economy that is being conducted on the behalf of the Seaport Economic Council in collaboration with leading state and industry stakeholders.

Informing a New Vision for Fall River Housing
We are presently engaged in an analysis of how Fall River’s housing demand has changed over time in relation to demographic changes in its population, testing some commonly held assumptions about the socioeconomic forces driving population change in Fall River, and analyzing how these dynamics influence housing demand in the city.

Assessing Cross-border Economic Relationships
In cooperation with the Southcoast Development Partnership, we are hard at work re-examining regional economic patterns, demographic changes, and trading relationships in order to develop an evidence-based understanding of the functional economic region that includes the Southcoast. This includes evaluating the extent of the cross-border connections with our neighbors in Rhode Island.

Continuing Projects

Supporting Pay Equity for Women in the Southcoast
PPC is working with the Women’s Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts Taskforce to evaluate pay equity and pathways to a living wage for women in the Southcoast. Our analysis includes income differentials for women across various demographics, including race, educational attainment, and family structures.

Providing Technical Assistance to the Southeastern Health Initiative For Transformation (SHIFT)
We continue our work providing technical and research assistance to the Southeastern Health Initiative for Transformation (SHIFT) program as it moves from the Planning to Implementation stage. SHIFT is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health through the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF), a first in the nation initiative aimed to reduce health care costs across the Commonwealth by preventing chronic conditions.

Evaluating Taunton’s Hope VI Project
PPC continues to evaluate the Taunton (MA) Housing Authority’s HOPE VI project. This project involves replacing distressed public housing with two new developments, while providing supportive services to the residents of the now-demolished Fairfax Gardens. The four-year project will continue until the the fall of 2016. Click here for the most recent report update.

Adding New Content to Southcoast Urban Indicators Project (SCUIP)
Like other indicators projects from cities around the United States, SCUIP is designed to meet the information needs of citizens and leaders of Fall River and New Bedford. This project and website are ever-evolving; we will be adding to and updating content on a regular basis based on the input and suggestion from the community. Please let us know if you have suggestions for new indicators.