Event: Financial Empowerment for Individuals & Families

Have you read Dr. Michael Goodman’s recent article in Communities & Banking, that was written based on research conducted by members of the Urban Initiative team? While we highly recommend reading it, the condensed version is that many low-income people in New Bedford are using non-traditional, high-cost financial service providers (i.e. check cashing outlets) when they could be saving money at traditional institutions, but the missing link is information on the accessible, low-cost services that banks and credit unions provide. The solution? Financial education.

And that’s just what locals can access at Bristol Community College’s Fall River campus on Saturday, May 19th. The Money Conference will be offered by the MA State Treasury and the MA Financial Literacy Trust Fund, and registration (plus breakfast and lunch) is free! Learn more at www.themoneyconference.com, and please share this with someone who might benefit from this event.

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