Introduction: Undergraduate Research Assistant Tobey DaSilva

Hello everyone! My name is Tobey DaSilva and I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant here at the Public Policy Center. I am currently a sophomore at UMass Dartmouth who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor study in photography and videography. Outside of school and work, I enjoy spending my free time playing the piano, taking photos, and spending as much time as possible with my close friends. As a Westport native, I have gained an immense appreciation for the natural world around us, and how vital its health is to our economy and wellbeing.

What inspired me to join the Public Policy Center’s team was the way they help the voiceless members of our surrounding communities through their research and analysis, which helps shed a light on issues that most people are entirely unaware of. It has always surprised me that in the age of digital information sharing, the global issues are magnified and studied, yet the area where one lives could be ignored entirely.

I have always loved New England. Whether it be because of the four seasons, or the distinct culture that east coasters share, my heart has never failed to find a home in this sometimes cold, but always beautiful region. That is why I am excited to work at this establishment. My placement as an Undergraduate Research Assistant will allow me to not only learn about the issues facing our communities, but it will also help me work towards improving them.

To summarize, I leave you with this quote by the great Henry David Thoreau. “How vain is it to sit down and write, when you have not stood up to live.”

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