Introduction: Undergraduate Research Assistant Romulo Cabrera

Hello, my name is Romulo Cabrera, an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Public Policy Center at Umass UMass Dartmouth. I come from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and am pursuing a degree in political science. I enjoy watching and playing soccer, as well as observing the developments happening within Latin America, especially Ecuador.

Working at the Public Policy Center will provide me with first-hand experience that is vital with what I want to achieve later on in my life. I would like to run for public office, both locally and federally. My goal is to run for Mayor of Lawrence and be able to provide opportunities to my city. Also, my end goal is to at least run for President of the United States.

After my undergraduate degree, I would like to further my education with a Ph.D. in political science. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been granted and I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleges to help develop better policies for the public.

John F. Kennedy has been a very influential figure in my life, although I have never met him, I feel as if I can carry on his legacy. He showed the country how to defy the odds by becoming the first Irish & Catholic president in a predominantly Protestant country. Now, it is my goal to lead this wonderful country as the first Hispanic president.

I try to strive for everything with this one memorable quote by John F. Kennedy:
“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.

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