May project update

We’re on the home stretch with two projects this month: our report on the United Way Hunger Commission will be delivered at May’s end, while our year-end report on the impact of the LifeWork Project’s first year is being outlined in anticipation of end-of-semester data (you can read more about those projects here).

While the completion of those tasks–plus our students’ efforts to wrap up their semesters and, in Bob and Katya’s case, their graduate school careers–has kept us busiest, here are some other irons in the fire:

  • We recently wrapped up a survey of New Bedford teachers working with the Center for Education Innovation at Friends Academy, and will begin the data analysis component of this evaluation next month.
  • Bob and Katya just finished interviewing–in English and Spanish–heads of household affiliated with the HOPE VI project in Taunton, as part of that multi-year evaluation project.
  • We continue to support the work of New Bedford’s Regeneration Committee, which will meet twice more before we and our partners at MassINC develop a report documenting their efforts and strategies.
  • The Sociology course with which we partnered for the semester just presented the findings of their community-based research projects. One of the students’ required deliverables was a blog post documenting their findings; stay tuned as we get those posted here!
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