Meet our new summer intern: Mason Thibault

Hello readers,

My name is Mason Thibault, and I will be a senior next year at BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, Massachusetts. Firstly, I must state that I am delighted to possess the opportunity to learn and benefit from my summer internship. The prospect of learning more about my community and the general civic infrastructure is both alluring to my intellectual and humanistic senses, and an opportunity to work and collaborate with my peers in an effort to seek creative solutions to the growing problems facing our generation. I hope to focus on raising awareness for both the Urban Initiative Program, and any effective studies conducted by the group. The efforts and aspirations of all parties who make this internship possible deserve profuse recognition, and I intend to invoke a greater awareness for understanding the effects of civic infrastructure in ways that are accessible to civilians in urban areas. In summary, I hope to develop a mutuality that helps develop my academic and research based skills, while ultimately providing a unique outlook that can flavor and append the work of the Urban Initiative team.

This upcoming school year, I seek to continue to build and expand upon my debate team by forming a strong collective club that can function with the changing winds of graduating classes and educational reform.  I also seek to competitively apply to prestigious colleges and better my developmental athletically and artistically through participation in theater and fall sports.

In regards to higher education, I cannot possibly conceive a more beneficial experience for the young intellectual than that of formal college education. While I plan to apply to Georgetown, Boston College, UMass Amherst and Brown University, I also have begun the application process for the United States Military Academy at West Point. Despite the differences from traditional college, I strongly aspire to attend West Point to fulfill my desire for purposeful service to the country and community, and for the physical, mental, and moral betterment of myself and my fellow personages. While my desire to attend West Point stems from my personal experience, and experience in scouting and as an Eagle Scout, my desire for formal post-high school education has existed since elementary school, and it has since been reinforced by my instructors, parental figures, and by my own personal convictions and beliefs. In conclusion, I bring a wide range of social and civic experiences, and most importantly I am strongly grounded in my own beliefs, but liberally open to discussion and development, providing excellent grounds for participation in this summer’s Urban Initiative program. In the words of the great Whitman, “the powerful play goes on”, and I can only anticipate that my contributed verse is met with thought provoking dialogue in the community.

Happy Reading!

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