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PPC in the News

  • 6/5/20: Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr discusses the letter written by Dr. Goodman and 90 other Massachusetts economists in which they urge for increasing taxes to ensure the continued provision of essential state services during the pandemic.
  • 4/30/20: Reporting on one-quarter of the state labor force being unemployed, the Boston Globe spoke with Dr. Goodman, who discussed the impact prolonged unemployment and business closure will have on the public sector due to declining tax income.
  • 4/16/20: The State House News Service talked with Mike Goodman about how unemployment may continue to grow until the state’s positive COVID-19 cases begin to wane.
  • 4/14/20: The Boston Globe covered Dr. Goodman’s testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature’s Ways & Means Committee on how virus-related closures will impact state tax revenue.
  • 4/14/20: Professor Michael Goodman’s testimony to the state legislature on how the developing economic fallout from the coronavirus might impact the traditionally “safe” sectors of the Massachusetts economy is detailed in the State House News Service.
  • 4/14/20: WBUR and the State House New Service outlined the testimony of the PPC’s executive director, Michael Goodman, before Massachusetts legislators in which he describes the unique conditions driving the recent economic downturn.
  • 4/10/20: PPC executive director, Michael Goodman, is quoted in the Boston Globe explaining how this week’s downturn in unemployment filings doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet.
  • 4/9/20: Dr. Goodman discusses how the developing economic crisis may impact Massachusetts’ high ed institutions in the Boston Business Journal.
  • 4/7/20: Speaking with the Boston Business Journal on the recent record drop in Massachusetts business confidence, the PPC’s Michael Goodman expresses skepticism about the economy returning to normal by the end of the fourth quarter in 2020.
  • 4/7/20: In the Boston Globe, Dr. Goodman discusses how the recent dramatic changes in the labor market will continue to take their toll throughout April.
  • 3/22/20: CommonWealth Magazine interviewed Prof. Goodman about the state of the Massachusetts’ economy and the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 3/17/20: In a Boston Globe article on the potential economic impact of COVID-19 closures and restrictions, Dr. Goodman warns that Massachusetts will not be spared from the coming global recession.
  • 3/12/20: Dr. Goodman shares his perspective on how the pandemic-related recession will impact Massachusetts’ white-collar workers in the Boston Globe.
  • 3/5/20: The Gloucester Daily Times spoke with our research partner Professor Katherine Kahl of UMass Amherst about our work supporting the North Shore Blue Economy Initiative.
  • 2/3/20: The Boston Globe speaks with PPC director Michael Goodman about how the coronavirus outbreak is contributing to uncertainty about the Massachusetts economy.
  • 1/31/20: The major takeaways from the second Tech Pulse business survey of technology sector leaders in Massachusetts are discussed in the Boston Business Journal.
  • 1/14/20: Dr. Goodman discusses Massachusetts business confidence and the potential for recession with the Boston Globe’s Jon Chesto.

Summer/Fall 2019

  • 12/19/2019: According to Southcoast Today, the SouthCoast Development partnership has secured an additional $50,000 in funding to support the “Southeastern Massachusetts Blue Economy Corridor” initiative, which recently completed phase one with the release of our latest study on the current state of the sector in the region.
  • 12/13/19: Dr. Goodman is quoted in the Boston Globe analyzing how the state may be able to make up for the recent income tax reduction that will go into effect twenty years after voters approved it in 2000.
  • 12/9/19: In the Worcester Business Journal, PPC Executive Director, Michael Goodman, and David Jordan, President of the Seven Hills Foundation, discuss what has changed in Worcester’s immigrant community since our “influential” 2015 report, and the positive influence of foreign-born residents on the local economy.
  • 12/6/19: In the State House News Service, Prof. Goodman and other experts weigh in on the how labor market conditions, the age of the workforce, and housing costs pose threats to the state’s ability to sustain economic growth.
  • 12/5/19: In a Boston Globe article on the recent $1.5 billion expansion of the state’s education budget, Dr. Goodman says that, although the budget increase will not pay for itself, it is long overdue and will have positive impacts across the state.
  • 11/8/2019: Both the Gloucester Times and the Salem News published a column by the COO and Vice President of the Essex County Community Foundation, Stratton Lloyd, in which he discusses our efforts in support of a grassroots coalition, led by the UMass Amherst Gloucester Marine Station and Dr. Katie Kahl, focused on sustaining and growing the North Shore’s Blue Economy.
  • 11/5/2019: In an oped in the Cape Cod Times discussing the economic and environmental benefits of offshore wind, former state senator Robert O’Leary and Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO, Wendy Northcross, cited the offshore wind workforce assessment that we completed last year for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in partnership with Bristol Community College and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
  • 10/17/2019: The Provincetown Banner references our recent study in  discussing the affordable housing crisis in Truro and the Outer Cape.
  • 9/23/2019: Dr. Goodman speaks with the Boston Globe about the feasibility of a recent proposal in the Massachusetts State Senate to reimburse telecommuters living in Western Massachusetts
  • 7/22/2019: PPC staff is heavily featured in the Spring 2019 issue of MassBenchmarks. Senior Research Associate, Elise Rapoza, and Executive Director, Michael Goodman, discuss their forthcoming analysis of the fiscal impacts of housing production in Massachusetts, which finds that new development offers a net fiscal benefit to both the host community and state. Also, Research Associate, Michael McCarthy, and former Provincetown Town Manager, David Panagore, collaborate on an article that summarizes our recent housing analysis for the town and the policy solutions that have been put in place as a result.

Winter/Spring 2019

  • 3/14/2019: Wicked Local Provincetown discusses how our recently completed housing study informed the Town’s plan to move forward with redeveloping a municipal property to be used for housing.
  • 3/13/2019: Public Policy Center Executive Director, Michael Goodman, and Senior Research Associate, Elise Rapoza, discuss how Fall River’s charter allowed for the mayor to be recalled and then reelected in the same ballot and the implications of the election with the Fall River Herald News.
  • 3/5/2019: Dr. Goodman goes into more detail with John Chesto in the Boston Globe on the recent MassBenchmarks economic analysis that warned about elevated downside risks to the economy.
  • 1/21/2019: The Worcester Business Journal talks with businesses in Central Mass who say they leveraged tax breaks to help with expansion, and our executive director, Michael Goodman, discusses how tax breaks are useful tool, but says it is often the availability and talents of the local workforce that drive expansion and relocation decisions.

Summer/Fall 2018

  • 12/12/2018: The Gloucester Daily Times highlights Dr. Goodman’s discussion with Senator Joan Lovely of the Ways and Means Committee on workforce trends at the annual state revenue hearings.
  • 12/5/2018: Professor Michael Goodman discussed the state’s potential for economic growth and potential future obstacles at the annual Massachusetts revenue hearings.
  • 11/15/2018: Wicked Local Wellfleet discusses the market incentives for short-term rentals in Provincetown, which we analyze in our forthcoming report on housing for the Town.
  • 11/9/2018: The Cape Cod Times covers the presentation of our forthcoming Provincetown housing analysis.
  • 10/15/2018: WBUR features a discussion with Dr. Goodman and fellow editors of MassBenchmarks on the factors driving the growth of the state’s labor force.
  • 10/8/2018: Wicked Local Stow discusses Rep. Kate Hogan’s plans to expand on our recent work for the 495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission with a transportation study.
  • 10/2/2018: The Milford Daily News speaks with Professor Michael Goodman on the impact the tightening labor market is having on wage growth.
  • 9/28/2018: The Gloucester Daily Times discusses Professor Michael Goodman’s presentation on regional strategies for assessing and developing the blue economy on the North Shore.
  • The Christian Science Monitor taps Professor Michael Goodman for a perspective on how seasonal growth in resort communities impacts the year-round population.
  • 6/29/2018: WBSM discusses the Conntect4Wind collaborative agreement between UMass Dartmouth, Bristol Community College, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and references our work with these partners on the 2018 Massachusetts Offshore Wind Workforce Assessment as an early example of collaboration.

Winter/Spring 2018

Summer/Fall 2017

  • 12/16/2017 Southcoast Today’s article explores how the recent Amazon bid in New Bedford sheds light on a different perspective to the gateway city.
  • 12/7/2017: The Boston Globe discusses the potential effects the New GOP tax bill could have on the US economy for both “wealthy investors and everyday workers alike.”
  • 12/6/2017: The State House News Service’s Colin A. Young writes regarding the challenges facing the diminishing tax collection growth over recent years.
  • 12/6/2017: Shira Schoenberg, author for MassLive.com, touches upon how the uncertainty of Washington tax policy increases the difficulty of agreeing upon budgets in her article.
  • 11/25/2017: Brad Petrishen discusses the obstacles and process of “Remaking Worcester” into an updated and thriving city.
  • 11/19/17: Paul Matthews, executive director of the 495/MetroWest Partnership, discusses the growth of MetroWest regional economy, including work done by the PPC, in his column in the MetroWest Daily News.
  • 11/17/17: WBUR discusses the challenges and successes of the state’s tech sector covered in the Massachusetts Tech Pulse Index, a survey conducted by the PPC on behalf of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.
  • 07/28/17: The Worcester Telegram references our research on the city’s foreign-born population to provide context in their editorial about the future of immigration following the Massachusetts SJC’s recent ruling on ICE detentions.
  • 06/24/17: Professor Goodman discusses changes in the retail landscape with the New Bedford Standard Times.

Winter/Spring 2017

Summer/Fall 2016

  • 12/16/16: The Fall River Herald News highlights key findings from the PPC’s recent analysis of housing conditions in the Spindle City.
  • 12/05/16: Professor Goodman’s recent testimony before a joint session of the House and Senate Ways and Means committees is highlighted in Commonwealth Magazine.
  • 12/02/16: Professor Goodman’s recent speech on Martha’s Vineyard is the subject of an article in the Martha’s Vineyard Times.
  • 11/27/16: The Fall River Herald discusses the implications of the PPC’s housing study in Fall River.
  • 11/18/16: The Boston Herald discusses the latest state jobs report with Professor Goodman.
  • 11/16/16: The Boston Globe discusses the implications for employers of a tightening labor market with Professor Goodman.
  • 11/11/16: The PPC’s work with the 495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Commission is highlighted in the Boston Globe.
  • 11/09/16: The Boston Globe discusses the economic implications of a Trump Presidency with Professor Goodman.
  • 11/05/16: Professor Goodman comments on regional patterns in political contribution levels in the New Bedford Standard Times.
  • 10/31/16: The State House News Service discusses the growth prospects for the Massachusetts economy with Professor Goodman.
  • 10/30/16: Professor Goodman discusses UMass Dartmouth’s Environmental Policy certificate program in The GW Hatchet.
  • 10/20/16:  The Boston Globe discusses the latest jobs report and growing wage pressure in the state economy with Professor Goodman.
  • 10/14/16:  Professor Goodman comments on the consequences of inadequate state investment in education and infrastructure in the Boston Globe.
  • 10/14/16:  Professor Goodman highlights the need for stronger regional leadership in his remarks at the graduation ceremony for the Leadership SouthCoast Class of 2016, reports the New Bedford Standard Times.
  • 09/22/16: The Boston Herald seeks comment from Professor Goodman on a recent state economic development incentive award in Cambridge.
  • 09/16/16: The PPC’s work in support of the MetroWest Suburban Edge Communities Commission is highlighted in the MetroWest Daily News
  • 09/16/16:  The Boston Globe discusses the latest state employment report with Professor Goodman
  • 08/04/16:  Professor Goodman comments on recent trends in state business confidence in Business West.
  • 07/13/16:  The Standard Times discusses the causes of stagnant income growth in New Bedford and other Gateway Cities with Professor Goodman
  • 07/06/16:  Professor Goodman comments on efforts to develop a non-partisan public policy think tank in Connecticut in the CT Mirror
  • 07/02/16: The Cape Cod Times speaks with Professor Goodman about the role that a lack of affordable housing options is playing in reported regional labor shortages.
  • 06/27/16:  The PPC’s analysis of housing conditions in Fall River is the focus of an article in the Fall River Herald News
  • 06/21/16: The New Bedford Standard Times discusses the potential regional impact of a looming change in ownership at the Acushnet Company (Titelist) with Professor Goodman.
  • 06/17/16: Professor Goodman comments on the critical importance of closing the “degree gap” in the Leominster Champion.

Winter/Spring 2016

  • 05/23/16  Professor Goodman comments on socioeconomic patterns in participation in the Massachusetts State Lottery in the New Bedford Standard Times.
  • 05/13/16: Professor Goodman’s keynote address before the annual meeting of the Metrowest Economic Research Center at Framingham State University is highlighted in the Metrowest Daily News.
  • 04/25/16: The American Prospect  discusses the economic development lessons that can be learned from the recent relocation of GE headquarters from Connecticut to Massachusetts with Professor Goodman.
  • 04/18/16:  The New Bedford Standard Times highlights the PPC’s collaboration with the United Way of Greater New Bedford (and many others) to empower the South End of New Bedford.
  • 04/07/16:  SouthCoast Matters, a regional public affairs program discusses the work of the PPC and the policy challenges facing the SouthCoast with Professor Goodman.
  • 03/30/16: Professor Goodman’s recent keynote address before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is covered by Banker & Tradesman.
  • 03/15/16: Boston NPR affiliate WBUR discusses the PPC’s analysis of the hidden benefits of housing development with Professor Goodman.
  • 03/10/16:  Professor Goodman comments on some significant revisions to state employment data in the Boston Globe.
  • 03/07/16:  The SouthCoast Insider discusses regional economic development conditions and challenges with Professor Goodman.
  • 03/04/16: Professor Goodman offers his perspective on why incomes appear to be declining in some Massachusetts communities in the Boston Globe.
  • 02/20/16:  The Fall River Herald News reports on and editorializes about the PPC’s forthcoming analysis of housing conditions and needs in the City of Fall River.
  • 01/26/16:  Senior Research Associate Elise Korejwa offers her perspective on what it takes to get preschool right in the New Bedford Standard Times.
  • 01/26/16:  Professor Goodman discusses the role the aging population is playing in local labor markets with the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.
  • 01/24/16:  Banker & Tradesman discusses a new small business loan program with Professor Goodman.
  • 01/22/16:  Professor Goodman comments on the prospects for continued robust job growth in Massachusetts in the Boston Globe.
  • 01/14/16:   President Obama’s final State of the Union address is the topic of Professor Goodman’s latest column in the Fall River Herald News (and other Gatehouse newspapers).
  • 01/04/16:  Professor Goodman comments in the New Bedford Standard Times on the occasion of UMass Dartmouth being designated a Carnegie Doctoral Research University.
  • 12/30/15:   State Representative Carole Fiola highlights the contributions of the PPC to ongoing efforts to develop an evidence based housing strategy for Fall River in the Herald News.
  • 12/20/15:  Professor Goodman comments on the challenges facing Provincetown in the New York Times.

Summer/Fall 2015

Winter/Spring 2015

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