Report title: Cancer Disparities Capacity Building Pilot Project: Phase II Final Progress Report

Author(s): David Borges

Report date: June 2016

Sponsor: Massachusetts Department of Health

Issue areas: Health equity, cancer, healthcare, prevention

Summary & key findings: The Public Policy Center worked as a grant consultant for the Greater New Bedford Allies for Health and Wellness’s Cancer Disparities project. The project’s goal was to increase understanding of the risks for colorectal cancer and the use of screen kits in communities with traditionally low levels of of health literacy through community health work engagement and education. The Phase II progress report outlines the goals achieved in 2015 and 2016. These include:

  • Conducting a health literacy needs assessment
  • Providing colon cancer education to community health workers
  • Linking health workers with clinical providers to identify barriers to training and education
  • Conducting colorectal cancer screenings in the community
  • Developing a system of referrals for patients with positive screening results
  • Modifying health literacy materials to best serve the needs of populations with language and educational barriers
  • Engaging with community, clinical, and faith-base partners to distribute testing toolkits

Report link:  Access the report here.