Report title: 495/MetroWest Profile

Authors: David R. Borges, Michael Goodman, James DeArruda, Jawanza Foster, Elise Korejwa, Michael McCarthy, Nathaniel Roberts, Joy Smith, Robert Stickles

Report date: January, 2018

Sponsor: The 495/MetroWest Partnership

Issue areas: economic development, housing, transportation, regional profile

Summary & key findings: The PPC provided research and analytical support to the 495/Metrowest Suburban Edge Community Commission, which was established by the Legislature in Section 233 of Chapter 119 of the Session Laws of 2015. The Commission is tasked with studying development challenges experienced by edge communities, a region that stretches along I-495 from Route 2 in the north to Route 1 in the south. Challenges include transportation, water, cellular, and energy infrastructure, transit services, residential development, reuse of former industrial facilities and historic mills, brownfields reclamation, downtown redevelopment, and other such constraints. Among other findings, the report documents how the 495/MetroWest is growing faster than the rest of the state and is a major source of job opportunities, but is not producing a sufficient supply of housing.

Report link:  Report