Report title: An Analysis of the Permitting Process in Greater New Bedford

Author(s): Hannah Colestock, Colleen Dawicki

Report date: March 2012

Sponsor: New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

Services: survey research, applied research, qualitative research

Issue areas: economic development, Gateway Cities

Summary: Permitting processes and requirements have major economic development implications for both business owners and the communities that seek to attract them. A growing number of cities and even entire regions have consequently begun shifting their attention to ensuring that their policies and procedures around permitting do not present barriers to growth. Recognizing the need to identify such barriers across the greater New Bedford region, the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce engaged the Urban Initiative to conduct a regional analysis of permitting aimed at identifying opportunities for municipalities to streamline their processes and adopt best practices.

The scope of this project included four activities:
1) obtain existing data on permitting policies and procedures across the region; 2) conduct one focus group with NBACC members; 3) conduct survey research to obtain primary data from local communities as needed; and 4) analyze data and issue a report on current practices and opportunities for streamlining through the use of best practices.

Report link: Greater NB Permitting Analysis