Report title: Dropout Prevention Program Assessment: Fall River Public Schools

Author(s): Edward M. Lambert, Jr., Jason Silva, Colleen Dawicki, and Terry Cash (of the National Dropout Prevention Center)

Report date: February 2011

Sponsor: Fall River Public Schools

Services: program evaluation, demographic and socioeconomic analysis

Issue areas: education

Summary: Sponsored by the Fall River Public Schools, the Urban Initiative conducted its first independently-led Dropout Prevention Program Assessment in the summer of 2010 for the City of Fall River. The goals of this evaluation were to assess current dropout prevention activities, discover areas in which a duplication of effort might be taking place, identify potential gaps in the provision of services to students and provide recommendations based on data collection, analysis, and nationally recognized best practices that stand to help the district enhance student learning and improve graduation rates.

Report link: Fall_River_Dropout_Prevention_Program_Assessment_Report