Report title: Estimating the Size of the Maya Population in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Author(s): Trevor Mattos, Michael McCarthy, and David Borges

Report date: July 2016

Issue areas: immigration, population estimates, undocumented immigrants, New Bedford

Summary & key findings: The Maya community in New Bedford, Massachusetts has grown substantially in recent decades, following a period of instability in Central America. The relative prevalence of undocumented Maya , their presence in high-risk, low-wage occupations, and their low levels of engagement with formal institutions make it increasingly important that local policy makers, civic leaders, and advocates know the relative size of the growing Maya community in New Bedford.

In an effort to inform the discussion, the PPC has produced this research brief in which we explore methods for estimating the Maya and undocumented populations in New Bedford, and present three possible scenarios to produce a range of population estimates. Improving the safety, well-being, and economic opportunities for this population can be better accomplished with a more accurate sense of its size, and we are hopeful that methods used here provide the most reliable estimation of the Maya in New Bedford to date.

Report link:  Access the report here.