Report title: Instructional Technology in the New Bedford Public Schools: SY 2014-2015 CEI Impact Report

Author(s): David R. Borges, Trevor Mattos, Michael P. McCarthy

Report date: October 2015

Sponsor: Center for Education Innovation (CEI) at Friends Academy 

Issue areas: Education, Technology, Program Evaluation

Summary & key findings: This report is an update of the 2014 pilot study on the impact of CEI programming on teachers and their students in participating New Bedford elementary schools. The PPC was asked to revisit the pilot study in the fall of 2015 to measure change at the Campbell and Lincoln schools and to evaluate CEI-related activities at the Hathaway and Pacheco elementary schools, which CEI partnered with in the 2014-15 school year.

In the 2014-15 academic year, CEI engaged a total of 98 teachers in Campbell, Lincoln, Hathaway, and Pacheco elementary schools. Collectively, CEI initiatives indirectly reached 1,742 students with instructional technology and technologically-integrated teaching and learning practices. Post-participation surveys indicate that the CEI intervention increased daily use of computers and technology in completing schoolwork. Also, survey results show teachers in CEI schools have a higher level of collaboration after intervention.

In terms of student outcomes, the findings indicate some improvements in test scores and academic skills. Although not all of these can be directly linked to CEI. Use of Lexia Core5, a program designed for assessing and improving students’ language skills, revealed that there was a significant increase in the percentage of students who were meeting their learning goals, and a reduction of those who were considered at-risk. Additionally, students in CEI-supported classrooms improved test scores across-the-board. Although it is not currently possible to attribute this change to CEI directly, it is clear that participating teachers’ students have made meaningful literacy gains during the period of CEI’s involvement.

Report link:  Access the report here.