Report title: Opening the Pipeline: Increasing Student Diversity in the UMass Dartmouth College of Nursing

Author(s): Elise Korejwa, David Borges, Jason Wright

Report date: March 2016

Sponsor: UMass Dartmouth College of Nursing/National Institutes Health

Issue areas: diversity, higher education, educational attainment, healthcare

Summary & key findings: In an effort to increase the diversity of the local nursing workforce, the UMass Dartmouth College of Nursing applied for and received funding under the Diversity Nursing Scholars Program. The Public Policy Center conducted a community needs assessment to identify opportunities and challenges among local middle and high school students who are hoping to pursue a career in nursing.

The report focuses on the barriers identified by the needs assessment and subsequent key informant interviews. An overarching conclusion of the report is that minority students do not get accepted to the College of Nursing at the same rate as their peers. The report also discusses the informational, social, financial, and institutional barriers to minority enrollment, and opportunities to address these challenges.

Report link:  Access the report here.