Report title: Public Transit Needs and Perceptions in the City of New Bedford: a Survey and Analysis

Author(s): Jason Silva, Colleen Dawicki, and David Borges

Report date: January 2011

Sponsor: The Garfield Foundation

Services: survey research, demographic and socioeconomic analysis, qualitative research, technical assistance

Issue areas: transportation, economic development, Gateway Cities

Summary: Commissioned by the New Bedford Transit Development Plan Task Force and sponsored by the Garfield Foundation, the PPC conducted a phone and onboard bus survey in the City of New Bedford to understand riding patterns, awareness of local SRTA bus service, satisfaction with local bus service, factors that inhibit or deter city residents from utilizing local bus service, and service changes that might encourage increased ridership and use of local transit.

Report link: Public Transit Needs & Perceptions in the City of New Bedford: A Survey & Analysis