Report title: Saint Anne’s Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment – 2018

Author(s): David R. Borges, James DeArruda, Michael P. McCarthy

Report date: January 2019

Sponsor: Saint Anne’s Hospital

Issue areas: healthcare, health disparities

Summary & key findings: Saint Anne’s Hospital’s Community Benefits Advisory Committee (CBAC) conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years that identifies the most important health-related issues in the South Coast region. The information in the 2018 CHNA documents the major demographic, socioeconomic, and health trends among South Coast residents, with a focus on health access, substance use disorder, wellness and chronic disease, maternal, infant, and child health, environmental health, and health disparities. The analysis is enhanced by qualitative data gathered through focus groups and an online survey of the region’s key informants. The goal of the assessment is to inform data-driven objectives and strategies that can be used to improve the overall health of South Coast residents. Open the full report below for a detailed summary of the findings from this year’s assessment.

Report link: Access the report here.