Report title: Southcoast Health 2016 Community Needs Assessment

Author(s): Anna M. Marini, David R. Borges, Michael P. McCarthy

Report date: December 2016

Sponsor: Southcoast Health System

Issue areas: healthcare, health disparities

Summary & key findings: An update of  our 2013 report, this needs assessment identifies the priority health needs of the region by examining the demographic and socioeconomic profile of the population and by analyzing a number of health indicators and outcomes.

Overall, Fall River and New Bedford continue to lag the region in most socioeconomic metrics, including lower levels of educational attainment, higher poverty levels, and higher unemployment, although many of the region’s towns also struggle with these issues, particularly in comparison to state averages. Residents also trail their counterparts statewide on many health metrics, particularly in terms of health outcomes.

Report link:  Access the report here.