Report title: Taunton HOPE VI Evaluation – Baseline report

Author(s): Colleen Dawicki, Robert Golder, & Evan Desrochers

Report date: July 2012

Sponsor: Taunton Housing Authority

Services: program evaluation, survey research, demographic analysis

Issue areas: housing, community development, economic development, Gateway Cities

Summary & key findings: The Urban Initiative is the evaluator for the Taunton (MA) Housing Authority’s HOPE VI project. This project involves replacing distressed public housing with two new developments while providing supportive services to the residents of the now-demolished Fairfax Gardens. This baseline evaluation integrates an analysis of secondary data related to the neighborhood’s population, housing, and economic conditions with data collected from surveys of both HOPE VI residents and residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

Report link: Fairfax Gardens HOPE VI Evaluation – Baseline report