Report title: Understanding the Housing Needs and Challenges Facing Provincetown, Massachusetts

Authors: Michael P. McCarthy, David R. Borges,Michael Goodman,Joy Smith, James DeArruda, Robert Stickles, and
Elizabeth Anusauskas

Report date: November, 2018

Sponsor: The Town of Provincetown

Issue areas: housing, economic impact

Summary & key findings: In an effort to provide objective data to Provincetown stakeholders and decision makers, the Public Policy Center (PPC) was engaged early in 2018 to undertake an analysis of the local housing market. This report provides a deeper analysis of the issues outlined in the PPC’s previous work for Provincetown, A Baseline Assessment of Economic Conditions in Provincetown, Massachusetts: Implications for the Growth Management Policy. Using data provided by the Town of Provincetown and from secondary sources, and incorporating major themes from interviews with community stakeholders and Town officials, this report addresses the following research questions:

  1. What kind of housing does Provincetown have and how has it changed over time?
  2. What are the relationships between the housing market and population, demographic, and economic changes
  3. What are the implications for Provincetown if the current trends of demographic change and usage of the housing stock continue?

Report link:  Report