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My name is Adam Vieira, and I am a returning intern for the Urban Initiative program here at UMASS Dartmouth. My first go-around with the Urban Iniative last Summer provided me with the opportunity to get involved in the South Coast Urban Indicators Project (SCUIP), a sweeping research-based report on Fall River and New Bedford that examined urban success factors, including safety, education, and cultural engagement, amongst many others. As an introduction to the world of researched public policy, SCUIP was salient as it not only presented where our Southcoast cities currently stand in regards to urban indicators, but also where they could potentially stand in the future.  In the same vein as the Urban Indicators Project, I, along with my fellow interns, will be spending this Summer examining issues that are representative of our Southcoast cities. However, we will be dedicating our research time to a topic of a decidedly different nature. This Summer, rather than examining civic vitality or health indicators, we will be researching college accessibility for Gateway City youth in the Southcoast region. This is a project that resonates quite strongly with me, seeing as I am about to embark on my Senior year at New Bedford High School. Like many rising-Seniors across the nation, the financial and academic challenges of college have already integrated themselves into my daily life, and they will most certainly color my Autumnal schedule. Interested in law, economics, and politics, I will be applying to colleges as a Public Policy major in the Fall—a decision that was greatly influenced by the Urban Initative. In the meantime, in conjunction with the Urban Initative, I look forward to providing thought-provoking insight on the post-secondary education accessibility discussion in our community.


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