Women in the workforce, continued

Guest blogger Jen Gonet’s post must have hit a nerve, because just five days after it was published, it is now this blog’s most popular post. Then again, if the fact that a woman needs a Bachelor’s degree to earn more than a man without a high school diploma doesn’t make you sit up, what will?

NPR ran a story today that paints a more positive picture of women in the workforce, using a handy infographic to demonstrate that the jobs that employ larger shares of women have experienced considerable growth since the 70s. Notable changes include the fact that 56.8% of all government workers are women, up from 42.7% in 1972, and that education and health services jobs, predominantly held by women in the 70s and now, have grown tremendously in number.

Source: NPR, http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/05/03/151282913/what-america-s-women-do-for-work?sc=fb&cc=fp

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