Women & wages in New Bedford

This morning, I presented data on what it takes to earn a living wage in New Bedford, and what barriers city women must overcome to afford the expenses of their families. The full presentation can be viewed here:

Women & wages in New Bedford

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    Lee Blake says:

    Hello Collen,

    I see that in your analysis there is no distinction made for women of color or Spanish-speaking or other secondary speakers of English. I did not attend this breakfast; did you make mention of women of color and immigrant women at all?

    Lee Blake, Director UMass Campus Compact 200 Mill Road Fairhaven, MA 02719 774-929-3035

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      cdawicki says:

      Hi Lee-Val Bassett’s introduction to my presentation highlighted the fact that the wage gap is even greater for these subgroups, and our plan is to highlight this data (along with that from the presentation) on southcoastindicators.org in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for your feedback!


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